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We have a range of products to sort out the smells and problems you can get with wheelie bins.

Oops have three products which will sort out the problems you can get with dirty and smelly wheelie bins. Wheelie dry & fresh will dry your bin out, remove any maggots, repel flies and leave the bin smelling fresh. For anyone who wants to give their bin a good scrub out then Wheelie Clean is the product for you. Stench quencher is a simple way to get rid of all smells just by spraying into a wheelie bin.

Wheelie Dry & Fresh

Designed to be simply shaken aroung the inside of your wheelie bin. Wheelie dry & fresh will help dry the inside of the wheelie bin and has an active ingredient to repel flies. If you have a maggot problem then Wheelie dry & fresh will keep them at the bottom of the bin in the powder and they will then simply be removed next time the bin is emptied. It will also of course leave your bin smelling fresh and ensure that all the nasty smells and flys are kept away.


500g Bottle  £3.95 + Carriage

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Wheelie Clean

Wheelie Clean is designed especially for anyone who wants to give their bin a good clean out. It can applied by a hand sprayer, bucket or bowl. simply spray or pour on and wipe over with a sponge or mop and then wash out with clean water.

If you have heavy duty grease and grime to remove then mix 1 part Wheelie clean to 15 parts water and all will be removed. It can also be used for light cleaning such as paintwork & walls and it can diluted to 1 part Wheelie Clean to 150 parts water for this purpose. SAFETY DATA SHEET

WHEELIE CLEAN (video clip)

500ml Bottle £3.95 + Carriage

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Stench Quencher

A specially formulated blend of enzymes that rapidly ingest the proteins that bacteria feed on in a wheelie bin. Stench quencher can be used in any kind of bin where there is smell. Bin smells are caused by bacteria which feed on these proteins, once the protien has gone the bacteria die and the smell disappears.


500ml Ready to use bottle £9.99 + carriage

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